Skylift 20 Meter

Skylift 20 Meter
Skylift 20 Meter
Skylift 20 Meter
Skylift 20 Meter
Skylift 20 Meter


Skylift 20 Meter



Skylift 20 Meter: 20Meter

"Looking for reliable and versatile lifting solutions for your projects? Dive into our premium Skylift and Crane Rental Services:

🔹 Skylift Rental Services (升降机出租服务):

  • Extend your reach with our Skylifts, available from 20 meters up to a soaring 62 meters! Perfect for high-altitude tasks.

🔹 Crane Rental Services:

  • Need a powerful lifting solution? Choose from our range of cranes with capacities starting from 7 tons and scaling up to a massive 45 tons.

Applications & Uses: Our equipment is perfect for a variety of highrise tasks including:

  • Signboard Installation: Make your brand stand tall and visible.
  • High-Level Cleaning: Keep your structures pristine and well-maintained.
  • Painting Projects: Refresh and renew your high-rise buildings with ease.
  • Plumbing Services: Address those hard-to-reach pipeline issues.
  • Telecommunication Tasks: Maintain and install your communication infrastructure.
  • Tree Cutting: Manage and maintain the greenery around your structures safely.

Whatever your task, our top-of-the-line lifting equipment ensures safety, efficiency, and optimal performance. Partner with us for unparalleled support on your next highrise project!"

We provide
Skylift Rental 20Meters to 62Meters
Crane Rental 7Tons to 45Tons  
for highrise signboard installation, cleaning, painting, plumbing, telco, tree cut etc.
吊车 &升降机出租服务 (高处安装招牌,清洁,油漆,水喉,电讯,拉电,砍树等)

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